⇒ Is your team working in one application (CRM, ERP, etc.) all day?

⇒ Are you using Office 365, Salesforce, Netsuite, Google GSuite, or other common applications?

⇒ Do you need to automate tasks such as scheduling meetings, dialing phone numbers, and more?

⇒ Are you looking to improve your staff's productivity?

⇒ Do you need to improve logging of employee interactions with customers?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 application integration is right for your business!

Connect Customer Communications To Your Business Applications

Integrate your business applications to boost productivity, customer service, and extend your competitive advantage. 8x8 lets your employees simplify tasks such as scheduling meetings, dialing phone numbers, and looking up customer records. Save time while better logging all customer interactions. It's a win-win!

Integrating Your Business Applications With 8x8 Will...

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Connect Your Salesforce To 8x8

Screenshot of 8x8 application integration with Salesforce classic and Salesforce lightning.

8x8 integrates with Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning!

Supercharge your sales team by dropping your 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop right into Salesforce. Your sales team can stay in the zone throughout all of their calls, chats, text messages, and more.

  • Click to dial any number in Salesforce
  • Receive calls, conference, transfer all in Salesforce
  • Record calls (requires admin permission
  • Log calls to Salesforce records
  • Search Salesforce to make a call
  • Assign calls to Salesforce records
  • Schedule task and follow-ups

8x8 Integrates To Office 365 And Outlook

section-image Screenshot of how 8x8 video conferencing uses 8x8 application in Outlook section-image

8x8 integrates right into Outlook meetings

8x8 Works With Google

Are you using Google G-Suite or Gmail for your daily business? 8x8 tightly integrates to allow dialing from inside the applications to speed up your employees' productivity.

Screenshot of how 8x8 video conferencing uses 8x8 application in Google

8x8 client is right in the Google interface.

A Complete Range Of 8x8 Integrations

8x8 connects with many products you already use for a quick ROI. Accelerate your operations by connecting them together.

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Vertical Can Provide Customized Integrations

If you don't see your solution on this list, then talk to Vertical. The V8 difference means that Vertical may be able to build an integration.

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Ready To Increase Your Company's Productivity With Application Integration? Vertical Can Help.

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