⇒ Is your organization distributed with multiple offices and/or remote workers?

⇒ Do sales people routinely make web presentations?

⇒ Are you using multiple conference bridges or conferencing services?

⇒ Do you feel you are paying too much for current conferencing services?

⇒ Is your team routinely running up against maximum participant limits?

⇒ Is it hard for external participants to join conferences?

⇒ Do you have call or video quality problems?

⇒ Are you currently forced to switch from chat, to voice, to a separate conferencing app?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 conferencing is right for your business!

Streamline Conferencing With 8x8

Are you using a service like Webex, Zoom, or similar? How much do you pay a month? Do you have multiple bridges for different departments or users? What's the total spend? With 8x8 conferencing, you can easily collaborate from anywhere on any device, using the most integrated video and audio conferencing.

With 8x8, every user (X2 Series and above) gets a 100 Seat conference capability. This includes the ability to do audio, video, or collaborative meetings.

Mobile phone and laptop showing screenshot of 8x8 video conferencing

Connect Employees And Customers Across Offices

Bring your employees and customers together with 8x8 conferencing, no matter where they're located. 8x8 integrates with your calendar system so that you can schedule a meeting with just one click. Share your screen instantly so that everyone is on the same page. Record the meeting for reference later or to send to anyone who couldn't make the conference.

  • Instant screen sharing with up to 100 participants.
  • Integrated scheduling with your calendar through extensions and plugins.
    • Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft Outlook Plugin
    • Google Calendar extension
  • Record your meetings for future reference or for sending out to attendees.
  • Add co-hosts to meetings.
  • Team and private chat options available.
Demonstration of how 8x8 video conferencing meeting integrates with Outlook

Demonstration of how to add an 8x8 video conferencing meeting in Google Calendar

Conferencing Unified To All Your Other Communications

8x8 makes conferencing simple. Seamlessly escalate phone calls, chats, and collaboration rooms from one to another all in the same application. The 8x8 Virtual Office allows you to move back and forth between communications means.

Diagram of how 8x8 video conferencing integrates with all 8x8 tools

HD Video For Up To 100 Participants

Screenshot of 8x8 video conferencing meeting with four participants

From your desk or your mobile device, 8x8 provides users video conferencing without any complexity.

  • HD video and audio for every participant
  • 100 participants (inside or outside the company)
  • Mute or drop specific participants or everyone
  • Chat alongside the video
  • Content sharing by any participant
  • Top-of-the-line security and compliance

Conferencing From Any Device

With 8x8 conferencing, it's almost like you're there in person, even when you can't be. With one click you can join or start a meeting from your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, or a conference room phone. Attendees don't even need an app to join.

  • One click to start or join meetings on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Join via app, mobile, online browser, or conference room.
  • Includes your call number and call-in features to quickly join the meeting.
  • Dial-in number options for 145 countries or toll-free numbers.
  • Join without downloading the app.

Hands holding mobile phones that are using 8x8 video conferencing

Eliminate Costly Conferencing Services With V8

Vertical and 8x8 V8 Logo

Vertical is here to help transition from your previous conferencing services. Expert Vertical solution engineers will tailor the 8x8 solution to meet your custom business needs and determine what can be replaced on existing services. Vertical will also work to ensure your company network is ready for high-end video.

Ready To Super-Charge Your Conferencing? Vertical Can Help.

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