⇒ Are you missing customer calls and not returning them?

⇒ Do you know the busiest points of your organization's day?

⇒ Is your staff being fully productive?

⇒ Do you know which phone numbers at your company are most called?

⇒ Are you uncertain what your business communications look like today?

⇒ Are you looking for automated reporting?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, or if you don't know the answers, then 8x8 application integration is right for your business!

Simple, Powerful Reporting

8x8 makes analytics easy. All of your communications information, from your phones on the desk, to contact center, to team messaging, are all available in one place. Even your remote users and mobile workers report into the same system. Whether you're looking for internal or external communications, you only have one platform to look through for analytics. Vertical can help you identify the right reporting to help you make decisions.

One System Of Intelligence

Is all of your communications data accessible from one location? With 8x8, all of your data resides in one system. You can access your data with one reporting interface or you can use one set of APIs to integrate the information into your larger data mart.

Stop searching between multiple systems. Get everyone looking at the same information with one system of intelligence for all of your communications from contact center to call quality. It's all here.

8x8's one system of intelligence

4 Ways To Convert Analytics Into Action

Diagram of how to convert 8x8 analytics into action to improve business

Learn More About Your Communications

Your phones contain hidden data all about how your organization operates. 8x8 reveals real, actionable information about your organization by bringing that information into simple reports. Quickly spot issues, regain business, and expand into new services all based on solid information.

Powerful Analytics
Screenshot of 8x8 analytics dashboard

Quickly see what your call performance looks like for the whole company or for specific sites or departments. Better understand your organization's communication patterns through powerful visualizations.

Real-Time Dashboards
Screenshot of real-time dashboard showing 8x8 analytics

Manage small ring groups and queues with real-time information without big contact center costs. 8x8 offers real-time dashboards to monitor even small teams.

Scheduled Reporting
Screenshot of scheduled reporting within 8x8

Schedule reports to automatically update managers on what's happening with their teams. Key data for making decisions is delivered daily into your inbox. Set it up once and then forget about it.

Call Quality Reporting
Screenshot of 8x8's call quality reporting

Every 8x8 phone reports the quality of each call. See problems before they happen and act. Note trends such as multiple problems at a single location. Verify issues reported by your staff.

Employee Performance
Screenshot of 8x8's employee performance

Keeping track of everything in the company is hard. 8x8 simplifies the need to review performance using summary reports for the whole organization, specific departments and specific users. Quickly drill down to see the information you need. Get critical information without wasting time.

Identify The Right Reports With V8

Vertical and 8x8 V8 Logo

Finding the right reports to manage your team or organization can be hard. The Vertical solution team can help by providing analytics consulting. Professionals work with you to understand your needs and identify the right analytics to make your more successful. If the right report doesn't exist, then Vertical can help build it for you using 8x8's reporting APIs.

Ready To Increase Your Company's Productivity? Vertical Can Help.

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