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"Vertical Presents" webinars are here! This new monthly webinar series, presented by Vertical Communications, is a tool to help you as you learn about technology today. The series will cover all aspects of telecom, from SD-WAN to Cloud Communications and everything in between.

To attend a Vertical Presents webinar, visit the Vertical Presents Home Page, select the topic you’re interested in, and register.  Or, if you’d rather not attend live, you can visit the webinar page after the webinar and view the recording. You are also invited to share the link with your colleagues or clients so that they can stay up to speed on topics that can improve their business processes. 

Notable Vertical Presents Webinars

Guaranteeing a Smooth Transition To Cloud Communications

Avoiding Common Pitfalls of UCaaS

If you are preparing to embrace a Cloud Unified Communications solution for the first time, or are coming to the end of a contract with a bad cloud experience, then this webinar is for you! According to Eastern Management Group 15-20% of customers are not satisfied with their cloud UC provider. Don’t be a statistic! Let Vertical Communications share our proven tips for guaranteeing a great cloud experience.

Presented by Vertical's Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Kevin Butler, this 1 hour webinar will cover the following aspects of transitioning to cloud communications:

  1. Making sure cloud fits your business.
  2. Key factors to look for when selecting the right cloud solution.
  3. Common pitfalls to easily avoid when implementing Cloud UC.

Click here to watch.


The Top 5 Steps for a Successful Phone System Implementation

Uncovering the value of a service and support partnership for your communications.

Are you considering transitioning to a new phone system? Or have you already decided that it’s time to make a move? Good job! But do you know how to guarantee that your transition and investment in a new communications system is a success? The truth is, a successful phone transition is about more than the type of system you choose and the features you want. Success lies in the implementation, project management, service, and support you will receive during your transition to your new system and throughout its entire lifetime. Join us for a special Vertical Presents webinar on "The Top 5 Steps for a Successful Phone System Implementation" to learn how to get the most out of your new phone system.

Presented by Vertical's Vice President of Solutions Engineering, Tym Larson, this webinar will cover:

  1. The power of professional project management.
  2. What your provider's project plan must include.
  3. The value of a well-crafted support methodology.
  4. Service and support criteria your provider must outline.
  5. How the Vertical Difference can guarantee the success of your communications transition.

Click here to watch.

Visit the Vertical Presents Home Page to get started with the Vertical Presents webinar series today!


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