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Wave Approved Third-Party Solutions Program provides enhanced functionality to Wave IP

By Steven De Korne

Did you know 80% of all business calls go to voicemail? Be sure your Wave IP customers "get the giSTT" of all their voicemail messages with Mutare's voice-to-text solution. A Wave Approved Third-Party Solution Program provider, Mutare provides unified communications specializing in smart notification and speech technology systems. With giSTT Hosted Speech to Text, improve voicemail communications and productivity by converting the Wave IP's voicemail audio files to text, and delivering the message in an email to your desktop and smartphone.

  • Rapid ROI: giSTT saves an hour per week per employee by eliminating time calling into the voice mailbox and listening to messages.
  • Cost-effective implementation: Wave IP customers have no additional servers or software to purchase.
  • A multi-tasking application: Read Wave IP voicemail messages anywhere.
  • Convenient: Save, search, forward and reply to voicemail messages with the same convenience of email.

Click here for a live demonstration of giSTT Hosted.

"Wave Approved" solutions like giSTT Hosted Speech to Text are purchased by Wave dealers directly from participating vendors in the Wave Approved Third-Party Solutions Program. Program participants have been approved by Vertical to offer additional productivity-enhancing applications direct to Wave dealers after completing interoperability testing of their unique software solutions with the Wave IP platform. Vendors provide product training, installation, setup and technical support for customers. Participating third-party vendors also offer direct sales support to Wave dealers to help close sales with end customers. To find out more, contact Jim Brady, Sr. Product Manager, at


Steven J. De Korne is Vice President of Marketing for Vertical Communications and a 15-year telecommunications industry insider. A mobile maverick and e-gadget guru, follow Steven's insights and opinions on tech trends and their impact on your business on


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