⇒ Do you have full or part-time remote employees?

⇒ Are you considering adding remote workers?

⇒ Do you need to improve communications between onsite and remote employees?

⇒ Is your remote team feeling isolated or left behind?

⇒ Are you looking for ways to improve hiring and retention rates?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 is right for your business!

The Value of Remote Workers

Text graphic remote workers are 20-25% more productive than office based employees
Text graphic that remote work options boosts employee retention by 10%+
Text graphic 53.3% of survey respondents listed remote work options as top priority
Text graphic 18$k total savings annually per every remote worker employed
Text graphic $12M saved by Dell annually by reducing real estate costs through remote working
Text graphic $10M saved by Xerox annually in travel costs by using remote workers

Empower Your Remote Workers

Screenshot of how 8x8 unifies remote workers
One tool for voice, chat, video, conferencing, and collaboration.
Screenshot of using 8x8 search to find contacts
Quickly find people using search or by department or location.
Screenshot of 8x8 away status
Make remote workers more aware of each other with away messages and personal statuses.
Screenshot of group chats in 8x8
Give remote workers a common "watercooler" to socialize with team collaboration.
Screenshot of 8x8 network
Remote workers can feel confidently connected with 8x8's robust network and zero downtime upgrades.
Screenshot of 8x8 real-time reports
Manage remote workers with real-time reports on performance and availability.

Multiple Means Of Communications In A Single Interface

8x8 makes it easy to switch communications means, just like you are in the office. Jump from a chat, to a phone call, to video or a conference. With all of your communications in one app, remote workers have access to flexible communications.

Diagram of how 8x8 tools work together for unified communications

V8 Ensures Remote Workers Work

Vertical and 8x8 V8 Logo

Vertical Communications and 8x8 can run network assessments for remote workers to ensure their network is ready for Unified Communications. Vertical will collaborate with you on your business needs and tailor the perfect solution for your remote workforce. And when your remote workers have problems, Vertical is ready to solve them quickly and get them back in the game.

Ready To Go Remote? Vertical Can Help.

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