Does Your Organization Use Or Need Mitel Communications Applications?

⇒ Do you already use Mitel applications and need support?

⇒ Do you have specific application needs and you need experts to help you tailor the solution to your organization?

⇒ Is there an identified business need that you aren't sure how to address?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then Vertical can help!

Vertical Offers A Wide Variety Of Mitel Applications To Solve Critical Problems

The Vertical team is ready to dig into your organizational challenges and identify the right solution to meet your needs. Mitel offers a comprehensive array of applications that can be tailored to resolve any business need.

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Contact Center

Mitel offers contact centers for any need. Whether you need a small call center for your business or a fully-featured omnichannel enterprise solution with workforce management, Mitel can meet your need.

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Provide your teams with the tools they need to work more productively. Whether they prefer persistent rooms, video, voice, chat, or other communications modalities, Mitel offers solutions to help optimize performance and eliminate communications barriers.

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Mass Notification

Whether it's an emergency situation, or just a routine update, Mitel enables the ability to manage communications across a wide variety of channels and devices. Whether you are a school needing to notify staff and parents of events or a business sending billing reminders, Vertical can help you with a Mitel Solution.

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Whether your team is on the go, made of remote workers, or you need to better connect with a client, Vertical can help with a wide array of conference solutions from Mitel

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Need Help Deciding

If you haven't decided, then Vertical can help. There are advantages and disadvantages to different communications architectures. Let Vertical help you decide.

Ready To Get Application Help From Vertical?

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