Communicate Globally
With 8x8

⇒ Do you do business in multiple countries?

⇒ Are your company offices spread across the world?

⇒ Is your staff regularly travelling to other countries?

⇒ Are many of your customers in other countries?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then Vertical can help!

Built For World-Wide Communications

8x8 has built a truly global cloud communications solution. 8x8 has data centers across the globe and unique routing technology that ensures data and calls stay local. 8x8's patented routing technology eliminates call quality issues like talkover, delays, and echoes. 8x8 calls just sound better and result in more natural conversations. If you do business around the world, then 8x8 is there for you.

World map demonstrating 8x8's call routing technology

15 global data centers ensures that 8x8 service is always local and highly available.

Mobile Roaming At No Cost

8x8 includes Mobile UC for every user, so you don't need to make international calls to stay in touch. Just use Wi-Fi to chat, make and receive calls, and even video conference, all without incurring steep costs.

Business man on airplane in front of computer looking at phone
  • Calls to your local number reach you no matter where you are.
  • Call other members of your team at no cost over Wi-Fi.
  • Chat, collaborate, and conference globally.
  • Connect to local data centers for best call quality.
  • Use 8x8 international dialing plans to call without additional costs.

Get Unlimited International Calling

The 8x8 X-Series of bundled user plans can also bundle in unlimited calling with different countries. Never worry about international calling rates again. Just choose the plan that gives access to the countries you do business in. Simplify all of your calling needs and focus on your global business.

Illustration showing international calling plans for 8x8 X-Series User Packages

Accelerate Your International Presence

In many countries, 8x8 can provide local phone numbers so you can have a local business presence without having to start an international office. Expand your global footprint quickly. When you are ready to add an office, Vertical and 8x8 can help you quickly understand any regulatory challenges and get communications up and running quickly.

The Vertical Difference

Illustration showing international calling plans for 8x8 X-Series User Packages

With the V8 solution you get a partner who can advise you on details of doing business in various countries. In some locations, you cannot use VOIP. Other countries require a local business presence to offer services. Vertical and 8x8 can help you avoid the pitfalls of doing business globally.

Ready To Go Global? Vertical Can Help.

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