Vertical CRMLink for Wave IP

Automatically log and track valuable data from all calls — including mobile! — directly in your CRM.

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Capture ALL calls

Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls — including mobile — for complete and accurate call activity records.

Screen pop customer data

Get real-time customer data with configurable screen pops

Improve efficiency & workflow

Eliminate need to manually enter and create call records in your CRM.

Secure cloud service

Leaves your data in your control.

Get started in minutes

"Plug & play" deployment for Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and ELEAD1ONE. Sign up and activate your account in minutes to get going using your CRM login credentials.

Pay as you go

Starting at $10/user per month.

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Pay as you go — only $10 per user per month.

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The most effective business intelligence tools capture and make data actionable, including all the details from voice communications. Download this free white paper to see how "Applying BI to Voice Communications" and CRM integration add more value to your communications investment.

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