The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Communications

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When you’re deciding between a cloud and on-premises communications solution, it’s critical to understand that the right solution is unique to your needs.

This e-guide provides easy tools for discovering your best communications solution. Including information on how to:

  • Learn if cloud is the right fit for you.
  • Choose the right product.
  • Assess cloud providers.


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Author Bio

Rebecca Ward

Meet the Author, Rebecca Ward! Rebecca, the Sr. Marketing Manager at Vertical Communications, is here to help you leverage your communications system. Rebecca brings 10+ years of writing and marketing experience to the Vertical team. Located in Denver, Co, Rebecca has been with Vertical since 2016. With a background in literature, technical writing, and content marketing, Rebecca is focused on researching important topics in telecom and translating them into information that will help Vertical's customers get ahead. When Rebecca isn't at work, she spends her time taking advantage of Colorado's outdoor scene. You can find her running, cycling, and backpacking with her extended family, husband, and three dogs.