4 Key Communications Technologies to Improve Workflows

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Today's communications systems, such as the Vertical Wave IP Communications Platform, offer a wide variety of features and functions that not only simplify communications but enhance workflows by providing insights to improve them and create new ones. The advent of new voice applications employing Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) and SMS (text/chat messaging), mobility, integration, cloud and other technologies, are transforming the way business works. Here's how.


In - and outbound IVR applications save you time and make you money. By automating time-consuming workflows such as appointment reminders, you can free up valuable staff resources and enable customers and patients to quickly and easily confirm or reschedule appointments, complete surveys, or RSVP to events from a single call. The use of SMS technology (IM) is particularly useful in improving workflows by enabling employees to communicate in real-time to get things done more quickly and efficiently.


Mobility is all about bringing workflows to wherever work takes place — in the office, on the road, practically anywhere. Mobile technologies and phone features have evolved from simple hot desking to supporting today's bring-your-own-device (BYOD) work environment. Employees can now use their own smart devices in the office, or to access work when at home or traveling via a virtual private network (VPN) that provides secure, encrypted voice calls, instant messaging and data for extending workflows to off-site locations.


Integrating different business systems such as company databases and directories, and CRM and accounting programs with your business communications system provides the lynchpin to improving workflows. Application programming interfaces (APIs) help speed that integration. A simple example is turning a phone number into a hyperlink on a website so you can initiate a call without manually dialing the number. The most effective business intelligence tools capture and make data actionable, including all the details from voice communications. Download this free whitepaper to see how "Applying BI to Voice Communications" and CRM integration add more value to your communications investment.

Cloud Technologies

Today, everybody's head is in the cloud. Cloud technology is transforming how businesses work by allowing employees to securely and easily access cloud-based data and other services needed to perform their jobs wherever they're working. The challenge is to identify a flexible infrastructure that can conform to specific use cases without having to undergo significant development and technology integration costs. The Vertical Cloud Connect delivery mechanism represents a logical, cost-effective ecosystem that helps businesses configure the specific capabilities and services they need to improve their operations.

Hear how WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technologies can enhance business workflows.
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At Vertical, we take a very different approach to business communications. Contact us today to find out how we can get your workflows flowing with communications technologies that actually help you get work done.

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