Safeguard Your Communications With 8x8

⇒ Does your company require 99.999% uptime?

⇒ Are your communications critical to your every day business?

⇒ Must all of your voice, chat, and video be encrypted and highly secure?

⇒ Do you want a security team pro-actively protecting you, 24/7?

⇒ Is security compliance and regulatory certification a critical need?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 is right for your business!

8x8 Delivers The Most Secure And Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

With more data centers, better architecture, and superior best practices 8x8 delivers the most reliable cloud communications product on the planet. If you are looking for no down-time (planned or unplanned), then you need 8x8.

  • 15 data centers world-wide to guarantee your service
  • SSAE 16 Certified data centers to secure your data
  • US customers stay in US data centers
  • Designed for no single point of failure
  • Multiple Tier 1 data and voice providers for redundant paths
  • Engineered for no upgrade downtime
  • Supported by Vertical for no last mile issues

Illustration of 8x8 global data centers

Seamless Failover Inside The Data Center And Across Data Centers

Diagram showing 8x8 failover strategy across data centers
Each 8x8 data center has multiple instances of application servers. If an entire data center fails, then customer UC and phones rehome to a new data center within 30-60 seconds.

Engineered for Superior Voice Quality and Validated by Independent Research

Call and video quality matters. A system with 99.999% uptime isn't really up if the call quality is terrible. 8x8's solution is engineered to deliver superior voice quality in the worst network conditions. Don't take our word for it. The Tolly Group independently validated this with a study of leading cloud providers. They found 8x8 delivered:

  • Best or equivalent for calls to the PSTN and on net.
  • Best voice quality in 10 of 16 packet loss tests on PC and mobile.
  • Best voice quality in 11 of 20 jitter tests on PC and mobile.
  • Dramatically better voice quality in "adverse conditions".
  • Best continuity capabilities to switch call path during problems.
Illustration showing that 8x8 is Tolly Certified

Pro-Active Monitoring And Remediation

Security and reliability aren't just about architecture. They take constant work. Vertical and 8x8 have your back with teams monitoring call quality, uptime, and security to ensure your service just works.

Diagram demonstrating how 8x8 pro-actively monitors voice security and quality

8x8 also has a security and fraud team working to ensure your communications are secure 24/7/365. They keep up on the latest threats and constantly monitor the 8x8 network for any indications of illicit actions.

The Proof Is In The Certifications

Being secure is one thing, it's also important to be able to prove it. If you have regulatory of security certification requirements then 8x8 has you covered with a wide array of constantly updated certifications.

Hippa Certification and Hippa Logo

The Vertical Difference

Vertical and 8x8 V8 Logo

With the V8 solution you get a unique partnership from 8x8 and Vertical. Unlike other cloud solutions, the V8 partnership means that you have Vertical's entire team to provide local on-site support, tailored design and implementation, and professional project management.

Graphic showing Vertical Service Truck, remote assistance worker, and project management

Ready To Feel Secure? Vertical Can Help.

Business woman smiling and giving a thumbs up