⇒ Do you need an additional channel of communication for your business?

⇒ Do you need to send alerts and updates to your customers?

⇒ Do your employees contact your customers from their private mobile phones?

⇒ Have you lost customers to your former employees when they take their phone number with them?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 mobile enablement is right for your business!

Improve Your Customer Communications By Mobile Enabling Your Employees

Do you own your customer relationships? Or do your employees? If your employees are contacting your customers from their personal mobile device, they own the relationship– not you. Guarantee that your customer has your company owned phone number saved instead of your employees' numbers by mobile enabling your business numbers. Mobile enablement allows employees to send SMS/Texts, will help you create faster answer times, takeover call management, route calls to different employees during employee shifts, mass update customers on changes to business hours and contact information, and provide another channel of communication or your customers to interact with your business.

Engage Customers With SMS/Text

Engage with customers through their preferred communication method with SMS/Text. Mobile enablement means your employees can type and read messages directly from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Adding another channel of communication for your customers means you can remind them of upcoming appointments, update customers on business changes, and provide post-sale thank you messages.

Desktop computer and mobile device showing unified communications

Create Faster Answer Times

Help your employees answer customers faster with mobile enablement. If they're out on the road, they can answer a call on the spot. If a customer needs a quick answer and can't talk, they can send a SMS/Text. If the customer needs help from someone else, your employee can easily transfer the call. And if your employee is out sick, already with a different customer, or off work for the day, you can forward their calls to a different employee that can help them immediately. Mobile enablement means your employees are more productive and your customers are happier.

Mobile phone showing contact list

Takeover Call Management

Owning business mobile numbers means freedom to manage the customer relationship. Now you can log all calls and track a record of customer contacts. You know the last time your team talked to a customer and how quickly calls were returned. Call management can be taken to the next level by recording calls. Now you have the ability to review calls to ensure quality, help with employee training, and resolve customer disputes by reviewing previous phone calls. Mobile enablement means you can influence the outcome of your customer interactions.

Mobile phone showing analytics and call management

Use The Device You Already Have!

Mobile enabling your employees doesn't mean additional cost. Downloading an app on any desktop or smart phone is all that it takes to get your employees up and running. With the devices that your employees are already using, they will have:

  • HD Voice Softphone
  • Business Number on Your Mobile
  • SMS/Text Support
  • Unified App Experience
  • Fully Integrated Instant Messaging
  • HD Video, Audio, and Web Conferencing
  • Join Meetings With One Click
  • Seamless Calendar Integration

Mobile Devices

Mobile phone and mobile phone screenshots showing mobile enablement
Made for iOS and Android

Laptops and Desktops

Made for Windows PC and Macs

Mobile Enable Your Employees With V8

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Mobile enablement is only beneficial to your company if it's implemented well. The Vertical solution team can help you find success with our proven project management and implementation process. Professionals work with you to understand your needs and identify the right features and architecture to make your more successful. V8 delivers mobile enablement unlike anything else on the market.

Get Mobile Enablement With V8

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