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Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications Solution - Part 1

Understanding the Difference Between Cloud, Premise, and Hybrid Communications Systems

Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications Solution - Part 2

Premise-based solutions have their own advantages to consider. While cloud communications are growing, the overwhelming majority of the market still uses premise-based phones and applications.

Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications Solution - Part 3

There are many pros and cons to keeping your current phone system. These include: avoiding new costs, avoiding additional complexity, losing focus on other projects. These are all valid reasons not to change your communications solutions, however do consider the added risk involved.

Need Cloud Communications?

No matter what your business cloud communications needs are, Vertical can implement the best solution. Why? Because Vertical delivers solutions from some of the biggest names in the industry. The variety means that we won't just recommend whatever we have to offer- it means that we will discover and customize the best solution for you.

3 Must-Do Steps To Complete Before You Transition To The Cloud

To make your transition a success, you still have some work to do. While your future cloud provider will do a lot of the work, there are three ?must-do? steps that you need to make sure your cloud provider takes. These steps will help you navigate the transition, providing a look into the nuances that will guarantee the success of your transition to the cloud.

Are You A Customer Match For Mitel On-Site Solutions

MiCloud Flex is a business phone solution that just works, removing the need for your IT team to spend time and money maintaining a communications solution. The Flex solution is hosted by Mitel with Vertical support eliminating any need to worry on your part. Your staff has secure access to phone service and applications from anywhere they can get a reliable internet connection.

iPECS Cloud: Cloud Communications You Can Depend On

Today's fast-paced world enables your team to work anywhere or anytime. Whether you are in a single office, always on the road, or a home worker, you need consistent communications to accelerate your team. iPECS Cloud delivers scalable, reliable cloud phone systems to make sure customers are quickly connected to the right person, every time.