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Safeguard Your Communications With 8x8

With more data centers, better architecture, and superior best practices 8x8 delivers the most reliable cloud communications product on the planet. If you are looking for no down-time (planned or unplanned), then you need 8x8.

Do You Have A Security Failure In Your Cloud Communications Budget?

Without adequate security you?re at risk of data breaches, data loss, insecure APIs, account hijacking, and more. Security failures like these lose companies millions each year- they even put many companies out of business. In short, you need to secure your communications data. If you?re renewing your current communications contract or considering a new provider, it is crucial that security is part of your decision making process. But first, you need to understand what you?re looking for. What kind of security do you need? How can you communications vendor help with security? And how is security even put into place?