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Customized Communications
in the Cloud

Customize your communications infrastructure with Vertical Communications' premise- and cloud-based apps and services.

We're seeing a rapidly growing trend among businesses to integrate best-of-breed services and applications, regardless if they're located on premise or in the cloud. The challenge is to identify a flexible infrastructure that can conform to specific use cases without having to undergo significant development and technology integration costs. The Vertical Cloud Connect delivery mechanism represents a logical, cost-effective ecosystem that should help businesses configure the specific capabilities and services they need to improve their operations.

Robert Arnold, Principal Analyst
Frost & Sullivan UC & Digital Transformation Practice

Secure, Simple Hybrid Solution for the Cloud

Future-proof your existing communications infrastructure by layering cloud-based versions of Vertical's industry-proven applications, microservices, productivity tools and APIs with business-specific, third-party solutions. Vertical Cloud ConnectTM (VCC) is a secure integration capability that enables the rapid development and deployment of new apps and microservices to address your current workflows. It also provides a flexible, cost-effective path to adding future services by seamlessly integrating web apps with your existing communications solutions and end-user devices to protect your current Wave IP investment.

Vertical Cloud Connect provides the following business benefits:
  • Rapid, cost-effective development of new apps and microservices via the cloud
  • Customized capabilities for specific workflows and industries
  • Secure, ubiquitous access to business communications resources from outside the corporate firewall
  • Simplified communications system management
  • Hybrid deployment model to extend the lifecycle of your communications infrastructure
  • Easy Access to Apps and Services

    Running on the secure and highly scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, VCC enables businesses to optimize–and customize–deployments of the Vertical Wave® IP Communications Platform by incorporating cloud- and premise-based versions of Vertical's proven applications and productivity tools for enhancing workflows in any business or industry.

    Vertical TEAM ConnectTM

    Vertical CUSTOMER ConnectTM

    Vertical APP ConnectTM

    Facilitate communication and collaboration between employees, vendors, partners and other team members via voice, video, IM, mobile, etc.

    Facilitate communication and collaboration with customers via web, phone, mobile, SMS, social and more.

    Optimize workflows with integrations, APIs and connectors between Vertical communications products and 3rd-party applications and utilities.

    Vertical Cloud Connect is an essential component the Vertical ONE FrameworkTM, our development and delivery ecosystem for cloud-based communications and productivity solutions. This unique hybrid solution allows for rapid deployment of a comprehensive enterprise communication solutions stack integrating Vertical's call management platforms with our secure cloud services.