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MBX IP Certification Training at Graybar (Indianapolis, IN)

Online Webinars

Event Date 05/17/2011

Register now for the MBX IP system overview seminar and certification training.

This is the higly anticipated MBX IP system!  The big brother to the award-winning SBX IP system!

The MBX IP is a converged communications platform that offers:
-Multiple site networking using VOIP technology
-In Skin VM with 100 hours of storage  
-Port capacity scalable 50 to 400 ports!
-Digital sets (STSE, SBX, XTS, TRIAD, INFINITE), VoIP and WI-FI end points all supported!
-Remote programming of the system and voicemail
-Web Based programming

Topics Covered in this Certification Training Course:
-Distribution of product
-End Points
-Remote programming of the system and voicemail
-IP applications and more

Certification is required in order to be an Authorized MBX IP Business Partner and consists of two steps:

1.  Complete the MBX IP 101 Basic Certification course on Vertical University with a passing grade (80% or better).  The VU class is a pre-requisite for attending the in-person regional training event.
2.  Attend a MBX IP Regional Training event or a MBX IP certification Webinar.

contact Vertical's Inside Sales group for questions at 877-VERTICAL (877-837-8422) option 2 or submit a TeamTalk here on V-Connect.


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