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SBX Dealer Training at ADI (Memphis)

Online Webinars

Event Date 05/27/2010

Register now for SBX dealer training on the award winning SBX IP converged telephony system

SBX IP - Making VoIP simple

This HANDS-ON technical training covers key new features and enhancements available in release 3.5. New features include:

  • Multiple site networking using VoIP technology
  • Remote VoIP phones
  • SIP line information
  • Digital, IP and wireless endpoints
  • Remote programming of the system and voicemail
  • Simple programming with our GUI interface
  • Expanded system: 24 x 48

Please bring your SBX system with KSU, VM and digital set, along with a laptop and straight cable.

Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your product demonstrations to close more sales opportunities with SBX IP.

Training is open to existing and prospective SBX dealers. Come meet the experts and see how your business can thrive with Vertical.

Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of onsite rebates starting at $200 on these SBX system packages 4003-13, 4003-23 and 4003-48. Must be in attendance and purchase day of event.

Trainer: Lisa Anstine [, 281-725-4505]


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