Beyond VoIP — Enabling Collaboration, Mobility and
Business Process Enhancement with UC

Many businesses only think about VoIP in terms of lowering calling and management costs. But that's just the beginning. Unified Communications (UC) technology — which combines VoIP with collaboration, mobility and other applications — provides the tools you need to optimize employee performance through business process enhancements.

In this free white paper, industry analyst Jon Arnold outlines two basic rationales — cost reduction and improved business performance — for making the move to VoIP, and what you need to consider to help you take control of your business with unified communications, including:

  • Assessing your network's readiness
  • The strong suit for mobility
  • Productivity concerns
  • TCO — Looking at VoIP as an IT service, not a product
  • Choosing a VoIP/UC technology partner
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"Vertical's UC solution allows my agency to get back to what we do best... service our customers! Even through the recession, my business continued to grow, as we had the right solutions in place to handle it."
Tony Johnson, Founder
The Johnson Insurance Group